Water pollution is one of the most significant global problems impacting aquatic ecosystems. We monitor and investigate the pollution of aquatic ecosystems by various types of pollutants. Water pollution results from point-sources (mainly residential agglomerations, industry, landfill, mining tailings and environmental burdens) and diffuse-sources (agriculture, unsewered settlements, untreated wastewater from households and atmospheric deposition). We propose appropriate measures to improve water quality. We also conduct research into the concentration of organic pollution, nutrients, and other relevant substances in surface waters.
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Nutrient pollution. We strive to assess the anthropogenic impact of nutrients on the status and quality of surface waters. We are engaged in research tasks and projects that analyse and assess the point- and diffuse-sources of pollution, and their impact on the quality of surface waters. We are committed to revising the vulnerable areas and modelling the concentration of nutrients in streams originating from point- and diffuse sources of pollution. We also assess long-term changes in the aquatic environment and trends in nutrient pollution.

Organic pollution. We examine the impact of pollution on surface-water quality and propose effective measures for maintaining good conditions in both ecological and chemical terms. We are also involved in the preparation of an inventory of emissions, discharges and losses of priority and relevant substances, and in the evaluation of the effects of various pollutants on the chemical status of surface water bodies. Our activities also cover the modelling of dissolved organic substance concentrations in surface waters. We also carry out trend analyses of organic pollution in the Danube sub-basins.

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Hazardous substances in surface waters. We conduct investigations into water pollution caused by priority pollutants and other pollutants, and also by specific synthetic and non-synthetic substances relevant to Slovakia, in order to effectively and efficiently protect ecosystems and human health from adverse effects. We also deal with the toxicity and degradation of substances that tend to accumulate in aquatic organisms and/or sediments, and with their elimination or reduction. The problems arising from such pollution are also addressed in environmental damage assessments.