Environmental damage to water has serious adverse effects on the ecological, chemical and quantitative status of waters, and their ecological potential. In recorded cases of pollution and water endangerment, we assess the risk of potential environmental damage to water, and determine the degree of such damage. We actively participate in the ad-hoc settlement of current problems related to the risk of water pollution. We ensure that pesticides used in agriculture (i.e. plant production products and active substances) are assessed and classified at both the national and international level. We also ensure that active substances registered in the EU (i.e. plant protection products /pesticides/, auxiliary products, and microbiological products) are also registered in Slovakia.
A low angle view capturing the efficiency and speed of a tractor spraying pesticides on a soybean field

Water protection against pesticide pollution. We research the use of pesticides in plant production, and monitor the impact of pesticides on groundwater quality. As part of this research, we assess the persistence and degradation to metabolites of active substances in soils, their half-lives, degradation kinetics (SFO, FOMC, HS, DFOP), and the mobility of such substances in soils on the basis on their absorption. In addition, we identify the substances leaching and infiltrating into groundwater. We also use models to determine the concentration of pesticides, their infiltration into groundwater, and the spread of pesticide pollution.

Environmental damage to water resources. Research is also conducted to determine and assess the adverse impact of human activities on the regime and quality of water resources, and to quantify the severity of environmental damage. This research is based on an analysis of changes in groundwater pollution caused by various contaminants, changes in the level and quantity of groundwater, and of interactions between groundwater and surface waters/ terrestrial ecosystems. We use field surveys and mathematical models to simulate the flow of groundwater and the leaching of pollution into groundwater. We also ensure water sampling, statistical calculations and analyses, and modelling for proposing solutions. We give expert opinions and statements for proceedings instigated in accordance with Act 359/2007 Coll. on the prevention and remediation of environmental damage.

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