We monitor the quality of groundwater using targeted, operational and screening monitoring techniques to determine the level of groundwater pollution and groundwater quality in soil environments. We also monitor the groundwater regime and changes thereof caused by anthropogenic effects or climatic changes. Groundwater monitoring includes sample taking, field surveys, and measurements of qualitative, regime-specific and quantitative terrain parameters.

We carry out field measurements, and process and evaluate the data obtained from groundwater quality and regime monitoring. We undertake comprehensive studies on qualitative and quantitative groundwater protection and studies on issues related to the endangerment of groundwater quality and regime. We cooperate in experimental and applied research projects aimed at assessing the dynamics of processes in waters, soils and soil conditions. These projects include analysing ongoing groundwater contamination processes. We undertake expert activities, educational activities, as well as consulting and monitoring activities for: groundwater status, quality and regime assessment, interactions between groundwater and surface-water bodies, and between aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems.

Price list

Our prices for water sampling services are listed in our Indicative Price List. Upon request we can send bespoke price offers. Prices for related services are included in our price offers.


Need a price offer for consultation on water regime, quality and pollution monitoring? Please contact:

RNDr. Zuzana Horvátová, PhD.
Tel.: +421 2 59 343 470
E-mail: zuzana.horvatova@vuvh.sk 

Need a hydrogeological study, assessment report or expert opinion on groundwater quality, regime, pollution and protection? Please contact:

RNDr. Anna Patschová, PhD.
Tel.: +421 2 59343 474
E-mail: anna.patschova@vuvh.sk