Water treatment and the supply of drinking water to households and businesses through municipal water distribution networks are among the most important and technically most challenging tasks in water management. We are committed to ensuring that healthy drinking water is supplied to end-users from waterworks via the drinking-water distribution system. In terms of research, we make significant contributions to resolving water supply crisis situations with regard to the changing climate. We verify effective technological procedures for the removal of specific substances (including micropollutants), propose new technological procedures for water treatment, and provide methodological assistance to water treatment plant operators in order to ensure healthy drinking water.

Drinking water and climate change. We conduct research on water supply crises in view of the effects of climate change. We conduct tests to verify the use of new filter materials and potential combinations for water purification to ensure safe drinking water, mainly in periods when the quality of surface waters has deteriorated as a consequence of heavy rainfalls or snow melt.

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Drinking water treatment. We use the latest know-how about indicators that have recently been incorporated into the recast Drinking Water Directive. We also verify the technological procedures employed to remove certain substances (including micropollutants) from our water resources. We give expert opinions on the use of new technological procedures in water treatment, including advice on their application, and provide methodological assistance to water treatment plant operators in order to ensure safe drinking water for households.

Quality of raw water and drinking water. We digitally collect and process up-to-date information about the quality of drinking water. We make evaluation reports on the quality of drinking water in small and large water supply areas in Slovakia in accordance with the requirements of Directive 2020/2184/EC on water quality for human consumption, and reports on the quality of raw water (i.e. groundwater and surface water).

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