Water-quality improvement aims to protect health against the adverse effects of contaminated drinking water and create conditions for better access to drinking water for vulnerable and marginalised population groups in line with EU Directive 2020/2184 on the quality of water for human consumption (Drinking Water Directive). By applying precautionary principles, we have introduced an effective tool for creating conditions for ensuring safe and good-quality drinking water for all consumers.
kvalita pitnej vody

In connection with the Drinking Water Directive’s amendment, we are exploring the option of introducing risk management – an approach based on comprehensive risk assessment and management in river basins (at water abstraction points), in public water supply systems, and in in-house water distribution systems. We are also weighing up the option of modifying the criteria for healthy drinking water, providing more information to the public, and obtaining information on water losses in water supply systems.

We collect data and participate in the compilation of reports on the quality of drinking water in Slovakia’s large and small water supply areas, as required by the European Commission (i.e. Reports of Slovakia on the quality of water for human consumption). These reports are available on the Public Health Authority of the Slovak Republic website.